Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention

It is not easy for a person to recognize that his or her drinking has turned from a social event to a dependency…

RECENT FROM Drug Interventions

Drug Interventions

Drug Interventions

Emotions run very high and deep when considering a drug intervention for a loved one. You want to help that person, but you are scared and concerned about their reaction to confrontation…

RECENT FROM Family Treatment

Treatment Placement Options...

Treatment Placement Options

At KD Consulting Corporation, we understand how difficult it is to find the right drug and alcohol treatment center and plan for you or a loved one…

Kevin Dixon live Intervention on CBS The Early Show...

Kevin Dixon, President of KD Consulting Corporation was contacted by the CBS Early show… saturday-early-show

Dr. Keith Ablow Show Interventions with Kevin Dixon...

Professional Interventionist Kevin Dixon provides interventions live on Dr. Keith Ablow… saturday-early-show

Kevin Dixon, MTV – I Won’t Love You to Death...

Kevin Dixon helps R&B Sensation Mario Barrett intervene on his mom struggling with heroin… saturday-early-show

Larry King Live with Kevin Dixon Interventionist...

Addiction Specialist Kevin Dixon featured guest on Larry King talking about Lindsey Lohan… saturday-early-show

Kevin Dixon Interventionist

Alcohol Intervention

Alcohol Intervention

How to Help an Alcoholic

How to Help an Alcoholic

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