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About Us

KD Consulting came into being to address gaps in the process of connecting a desperate addict and his or her family, with the necessary resources for treating the disease of addiction.

Our experience has shown that addiction is always a family disease, and successful treatment always involves the family. Even if the family member struggling with addiction is not concerned (or aware) of how his or her addictive behavior affects the family, intervention can break through that wall of denial and lead the way to treatment. But treatment isn’t the end of the road; it’s simply a change in direction. Ongoing maintenance of one’s sobriety is the only hope for lifelong recovery.

Ideally, families should be able to contact an interventionist, who will make arrangements for treatment immediately following the intervention. Then, the treatment facility should provide the most effective tools for recovery. At the conclusion of the treatment program, the facility should connect patients with after-care plans and continuing support.

Unfortunately, this ideal situation often encounters obstacles in reality.

KD Consulting recognizes these obstacles, and exists to help bring change, one family at a time. KD Consulting’s focus is on the individual addict and family.

According to Kevin Dixon, president of KD Consulting:

“We are not going to win the ‘War On Drugs.’ In 1973, the presidential administration of its time declared this War, and we still haven’t won it. But we will win back one family at a time.”

This is what motivates Kevin and his staff to continue to fight the fight. With more than 15 years experience in the field of addiction treatment, Kevin recognized that doing things the way they’d always been done just wasn’t getting the results he wanted. By functioning as an independent company, Kevin could try many different approaches, and find the tools and techniques that worked best. Now he consults with treatment centers across the country, introducing them to the innovative treatment approaches he’s developed.

In addition to providing a wide array of consulting services to treatment providers, Kevin is a sought-after interventionist, recognized for his outstanding ability to break through the disease of addiction, as well as its primary symptom: denial. Kevin is fully trained in the Systemic, Invitational, Gorski, and Johnson models for intervention.

Jennifer Sanders, CEO of KD Consulting Corporation, had similar motivations for working with an independent company. When asked what motivates her, she says, “I wanted to be able to assist families find a solution to helping their loved ones who suffer from the disease of addiction.” Beyond her commitment to supporting family members find the best treatment program for their loved ones, she continues, “Also, I wanted to be a part of something big — a wonderful cause that really helps people. This is something that truly comes from my heart.”

With Dixon and Sanders each having a unique set of skills, it’s not surprising that they work well together in supporting families in building the foundation for change in their loved ones, helping addicts get the treatment and aftercare they need, and assisting treatment facilities in implementing best practices (hand-picked by KD Consulting’s staff) throughout their organizations..

We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about how KD Consulting can help you. If you have questions, we welcome your call at (866) 631-0026.

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