Alcohol Intervention


It is not easy for a person to recognize that his or her drinking has turned from a social event to a dependency, which is why most individuals with alcoholism can go on for years assuming they have no problem. In fact, anyone who uses alcohol as a way to relax or cope with stress may already be entering the dangerous territory of alcoholism. Individuals who have overcome alcoholism can testify to the fact that they never saw it coming, and many say they realized it too late. KD Consulting understands how difficult alcoholism can be and can assist individuals and families with an intervention to not only make people aware of the disease, but also to help them receive the treatment they need.

What Intervention Does

People suffering from addiction often will not recognize they have a problem, which means they need family and friends to not only point out the affliction, but also to support them throughout the treatment. Alcohol intervention starts by pointing out the issue to a person and encouraging him or her to seek treatment for it. Even if an individual does not want help, having a group of family and friends confront the alcoholism in the family dynamics can help to show that there is an issue, that treatment is necessary, and most importantly that support is available every step of the way.

Intervention generally involves a group of loved ones who motivate the affected individual to join an alcohol treatment program. Typical attendees of an intervention include family, friends, a minister, a physician, and sometimes even coworkers. During an intervention, it s important that the individual feel loved, supported, and understood. Yelling or putting a person down will only drive him or her further away, breaking any remaining ties with loved ones. This can lead to severe alcohol abuse. Instead, a successful intervention will leave the individual encouraged and motivated to seek treatment.

Does My Loved One Suffer from Alcoholism?

It is hard to determine if a person is an avid social drinker or an actual alcoholic who needs outside help. Common signs of alcoholism can include, but are not limited to:

  • The individual feels guilty about drinking
  • The individual lies about how much or how often he or she drinks
  • Family, friends, and coworkers recognize and worry about the drinking
  • The individual must drink in order to relax or cope with stressful situations
  • The individual has frequent “blackout” moments
  • The individual drinks on a regular, non-social basis


At KD Consulting, we understand that alcoholism is a disease, not a weakness. Therefore, we encourage the intervention process to help those who suffer to recognize their affliction, but without threats. We want patients who seek assistance through KD Consulting to feel supported and loved. Our representatives can prepare you and your family members to confront a loved one about drinking. We can provide you the right path to take to ensure your loved one seeks treatment and does not feel threatened.

We can recommend multiple alcohol treatment centers and therapists who can help your loved one not only cope, but also overcome alcohol abuse.

Contact KD Consulting today at 866-631-0026 and let us help you with the first and most important step in helping your loved one get the alcohol treatment he or she needs.

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