Crisis Interventions


If yDrug abuse Crisis helpou are at the point of considering crisis drug and alcohol intervention, you recognize the seriousness of the situation you are in.  You know your loved one is beyond other means of help and is spiralling down a path that can only lead to a bad end.  You may be feeling powerless to help and overwhelmed at the situation.  The person involved is out of control and the situation is tearing your family and friendships apart.  When it reaches the point where you need intervention, you have no other hope left.

Facing the Facts

A crisis intervention is supposed to help the loved one face the facts of their behavior.  Not only on what it is doing to that person, but how it affects the family and friends.  With a crisis intervention, this is done in an organized, professional manner where everyone has a chance to speak without being disrespectful.

Prior to the intervention, you will plan what you have to say so that it is done in a calm manner in an attempt to get your point across to the loved one.  You can expect anger and hostility in them because you are asking them to do something they don’t want to do.  A crisis intervention helps you to be able to deal with their attitude without getting upset yourself.

Group Support

An intervention is not done to isolate the loved one; rather the goal is to show support to them to help them get through the situation and reach out for the assistance they need.  By bringing everyone together, you demonstrate how much support the person has to rely on.  This can give them the strength they need to face their addiction.

This step also provides support for the family and friends of the loved one who may have felt that they were all alone in the situation.  They see how it affects others and the common bond they share.

Working with a Crisis Intervention

Professional Crisis interventions can be volatile and frightening for the family and friends.  They can also be damaging to the loved one if not conducted in the right way.  When you work with a professional who has experience in intervention, you have the confidence to know you are taking the right steps.  They can prepare you for what the intervention will bring and help you handle it in the correct manner.

The specialists at KD Consulting have worked with many families and friends of addicts to organize successful interventions.  We will work with you on creating a plan and prepare you for what to say and how to react to your loved one.  This support and education can help you get through a tough time and know that you are doing the right thing.

If you have a loved one who is an addict and you are at the end of your hope, contact KD Consulting today at 866-631-0026.  We specialize in hopeless situations just like yours and can help you approach your loved one in a way that will bring about change.

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