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workplace-employee-interventionEmployee Workplace Interventions

When a person begins to exhibit unusual behavior due to an addiction, it is often first noticed at work. Since co-workers spend the most time around someone, they are usually the ones that see things that are out of character for the person. For example, the addict may call into work more often or arrive late and not be as alert as usual. They may make more mistakes or exhibit other behaviors that over time lead to the conclusion that they are dependent on some drug or alcohol.

How Employers Can Help

Instead of relieving an addicted employee of their job, an employer may want to help them make the needed change. If the employee was a valuable member of the team prior to the addiction with an outstanding performance record, it can be in the employer’s best interest to keep them. An executive intervention differs from other types of intervention in the fact that it is usually held with co-workers and managers or employers as well as family.

The Needed Support

An executive intervention can show the employee that they have the support of their co-workers and give them the strength to make the change. It can help them realize the seriousness of the situation and the danger of job loss if they do not seek help. While the intervention is conducted in a positive manner, it is designed to show the person what they need to do as well as the results if they don’t.

Family members are also often involved in an workplace intervention to show the person that they have support both at work and at home. It also proves to them that their behavior is affecting them in both arenas. This can be the wake-up call they need to get them to seek help, especially if they believe that they have been hiding their addiction from their co-workers.

How a Professional Can Help

Employers may want to help their employee but not know how. Working with a professional intervention specialist will show them the steps they need to take. It will prepare them to see a side of their employee they may not have seen in the past and it will show them what to say and how to say it. A professional specialist like KD Consulting can help the employer create a plan for the intervention and teach them how to remain calm in an unpredictable situation.

Having a professional involved can give the employer and staff members that are involved the confidence that they are doing the right thing and help them deal with the emotions of the situation. Since this employee is a valued member of the team, his co-workers are like family and their emotions are involved, too. We can help you deal with that in a positive way as you attempt to bring about change in your employee.

Call KD Consulting today to learn more about executive intervention and how you can help save your employee. We can provide the information and assistance you need to make a difference.

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