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April 20, 2017

I have been struggling with my son’s addiction for thirteen years.  He has been in and out of rehabs so many times,I stopped counting. When I randomly called Behavioral Health of West Palm Beach, they suggested I call KD Consulting Interventions.  As a mother, I felt like I hit the jackpot. The hours of preparation, the coordinating all parties involved, and the professionalism was well beyond my expectations. Kevin puts 100% of his energy into his work:He is quite capable of putting it on a personalized level.His continued involvement in following up on a client is remarkable. I honestly  would recommend Kevin to families struggling with a relative caught up in addiction. I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself.


New York


February 15, 2017

Kevin is a very passionate person. He presents very well to the patient and client and his real life examples enhance the presentation. He connects well with the patient to establish a rapport to open, honest and confident manner.

Robert M.


January 25, 2017

Good evening, Kevin!

Apologies for the late hour but Rich and I were cooking and chatting, so we thought we would reach out. Things are good here. Rich is like a whole other positive person. It’s been four months. He’s had some bumps but has done a fabulous job of recognizing the triggers and thinking and breathing through it – or going to a meeting, calling his sponsor. His sponsor couldn’t be better. Rich really connected with him and has been working the steps. He’s more spiritual and appreciative of the little things. We are closer than ever and we are seeing a future together again.

Things happen the way they do for a reason. My mom passed away January 4th. She as my best friend and I’m devastated. I went to Louisiana to be with her for a couple of weeks before that time and it was such a huge, unbelievable relief to me that he was in my life, I trusted him and didn’t worry about him while away. He came to be with me and my family was amazed by the transformation. He has been super supportive and not allowing my depression to bring him down. He’s even getting me a grief counselor.

So I’m not sure what you all did to him but I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of him.



August 4, 2016


I intended to write this sooner. I don’t know what we would have done without you, again, Michael was here in Virginia begging for help, but we could not get it here. That Thursday when I called you, you had just returned from a funeral. You jumped right on getting a facility to accept Michael. He was on a plane by 6pm that evening. The facility you lined up for him was perfect. The staff there was great. He is actually participating this time. Hopefully this will set him up for continuing with his plan once he returns home.

I cannot tell you how thankful Michael, his family and myself are for your help. You are a true blessing that has saved his life once again. I wish there were more people in this world like you and your company. After doing what we did locally, I am sure there are people that don’t get the help they need and eventually lose their life to this addictions. If you ever need us to help you with anything in our area, do not hesitate to ask.






May 18, 2016

Hi Kevin,

I hope all is well.   It is been almost a year since you came up to Tallahassee and helped us with Tara.  I just wanted to give you a shout out and send some love your way.  Tara completed the program which lasted about 40 days.  She graduate recently from Recovery Associates program and transitional living.  She has been drug  and alcohol free.  It has not been easy on any of us, but she is alive.  She is working in a restaurant now learning some basic cooking skills.  She is living with a young man who graduated the program also.  Both of them are holding jobs and free of substances.  She gained some good weight back and smiles a lot more.  There are still many challenges ahead.  She suffers from the drugs influence on her brain.  Next week she starts cranial-sacral therapy.  She has come up to Tallahassee briefly but realized there were some triggers up here that she did not need to be around.   She wants to travel and see the world.  She hugs me and tell me she loves me and we have a relationship now which is very nice.  It is all I had wanted for so long, just a loving relationship.  I am proud of her and not ashamed at all.  I am grateful for the chance she has to thrive and contribute to our world in a meaningful way.  If you had not intervened with the help of your wife and all the tools you use, I do not think she would be alive today and I would not have such a happy smile on my face and a joyful heart that I have.

Thank You So Much,


Kurt V


April 19, 2016

This intervention was life saving/changing event. We tried many, many times to handle this 9 year event with our son. I strongly recommend relying on the professionals. Thanks to Kevin & Jenny

Michael P



February 15, 2015

Dear Kevin & Jenny,

I cannot thank you enough for helping me “save my beautiful daughter”. Without your care and support, I don’t even want to think… I pray for my daughter everyday and I want you both to know you are in my prayers as well! With love, gratitude and aide.


New Jersey


September 30, 2014

Dear Kevin,

There are no words that could even fully describe how appreciative we are for all you and Jenny have done to help our son – to help all of us. You’ve brought us hope that there is a chance for our son to have a life free of addiction. There is no doubt that God brought our family to you for help. We thank him everyday.

God Bless

Ann and Tom


May 12, 2014

We were very satisfied with the services provided by Kevin Dixon as we had been trying for years to get my brother into a treatment center with no avail. Kevin was able to convince him to get help and go into a treatment center. We recommend Kevin to any family that has a love one that refuses to go into a treatment center.




March 10, 2014

When a family is at the point of an intervention emotions are at their peak. All everyone wants is for their love one to get better, but the family has lost control of the situtation. Kevin spent the time to build trust with me and the family which was extremely important as we went through this process. As we engaged in the process  he listened to us while guiding us so that we were heard but effective. Most of all he poured his heart into reaching my brother which impacted him in a way none of us could have alone. Kevin has clearly chosen a vocation for which he is uniquely qualified. I am sure Kevin’s mom is proud to know that with Jesus’s help, Kevin chose to live as oppose to exist.




March 3, 2014

Not knowing what to expect, we found Kevin very professional, organized, and explained all of the steps of the process thoroughly. The practice at our home prior to the intervention was helpful. It was an emotional and draining experience for the family as well as Kevin. In our case he had to use all of his resources to at the last minute to get our Son to commit to the gift we are offering. Your office has responded to our needs and intervened with the facility where our Son is when we cannot get answers or information from them. We thank you and hope and pray for a positive experience and successful rehabilitation.

Marsha and Robert


April 2, 2013

Thank you for your expertise! We would not have been able to do this on our own. The calm, professional, patient manner in which this was handled gave us all the hope we needed for a positive outcome. Kevin was so compassionate! Making the decision to seek help was the hardest decision, but we believe it has saved our son’s life.

Susan and Tom M.


March 25, 2013

Chaperone Transport

Jenny was Very Helpful and Professional throughout, easy to communicate with and her experience and background comforted me in knowing my most prized possession was in the best hands on his trip to Rehab. Well worth the money was the peace of mind in his safety as well as the travel time also being used to prepare him and work things through. I would highly recommend Mrs. Sanders and her company for anyone in need of help. Thank you for your work, you helped me help save my son!:)

Deanna N


January 2, 2013

Jenny & Kevin,

It has been nearly one year since we contacted you about our daughter.
I just returned back home to Indiana from a trip to visiting my daughter in West Palm Beach.
She is now living on her own in an apartment and is doing well. Well, is an understatement.
When I think about how she was doing one year ago, she is doing AWESOME today.
I just wanted to drop you a line and Thank-You once again for the work you have done and hopefully are continuing to do. Without you assistance I do not know if we would still have her today. You are in our prayers.

God Bless!!!

Rodney U


December 6, 2012

Hi Kevin,

What a difference a year can make. Next Tuesday, December 11, will mark one year of sobriety for our son. He is doing remarkably well. His family life has never been better. Thank you for your assistance last year, have a great Christmas season.

Martha and Paul


November 18, 2012

Kevin made a very difficult process seem easy. He was able to help me make it through the process and eased my mind. I was relieved when I received the phone call from Kevin that my son was safe.

William S. Massachusetts

August 13, 2012

Kevin was the epitome of professionalism, from his dress to his manner in dealing with the family on an obviously sensitive issue. His knowledge of the process and his ability to execute were beyond our expectations. Everyone involved respected Kevin’s opinions and recommendations. The final result was a successful admittance of Tom to a treatment center, something we didn’t really expect to happen considering the severity of Tommy’s alcoholism and resulting belligerence and negativity. Kevin was a pro in handling Tom’s objections. I think Kevin’s ability to find a common bond between them helped tremendously. Furthermore I think this was the key in diffusing Tom’s viciousness toward his wife and father, and his anger in general.
We also appreciated Kevin’s flexibility in staying with the process even though it involved extra time, until he finally persuaded Tommy to go to Seaside. In addition Kevin also has persuaded Tom’s wife to seek treatment, which she has committed to do in a week or so.
We would highly recommend Kevin as in interventionist in any substance abuse situation.
Plus he’s a nice guy!!
Thanks, Kevin!!

Homer S Connecticut


March 27, 2012

I cannot thank Jenny and Kevin enough without both of you my daughter would not have gone to treatment. You have given her a chance. I especially want to thank you for helping us after she entered into treatment and for letting us know even though she is there you will continue to be with us through the whole process. Thanks again.



April 14, 2011

Dear Kevin & Jenny

You are truly God’s Hands on earth. We could never have gotten through 03/21/11 and the weekend before without you! Words don’t seem enough to let you know all that you have done for our family. Thank you so very much for taking Kenny to detox & rehab. Kenny seems to be cooperating and doing what they ask. Mike, at the facility is taking very good care of him. Thank you for living your lives in the service of others. Thank you for saving my son’s life – if all goes well.

May God bless and keep you,

Pam & Charlie
North Carolina


February 24, 2010


To say Thank You does not adequately express how thankful my family and I are for your compassionate attention and professional counsel through a gut-wrenching process. I have learned from this experience that you are amazingly skilled at helping people in our predicament, and I feel fortunate beyond words to have connected with you over the phone.

For more than two years, my son has suffered from depression, and he has been hospitalized twice during that time because he felt suicidal. He has also been using both doctor-prescribed and recreational drugs in an attempt to alleviate his symptoms, but he has found no healing. He has been spiraling downward to the point that his family and friends have wondered what happened to the lively and good-humored person they once knew. He has become more and more aloof from everyone who loves him. We could see that he was slowly dying before our eyes, and we didn’t know how to save him or where to turn. It was tearing us apart.

With your advice and encouragement we were able to intervene on his behalf and convince him to get the help he needs. He agreed to enter The Cottages of the Palm Beaches, which as you know includes “dual-diagnosis” treatment for drug addiction and emotional disorders. He has been there almost a week now, and one of the staff called and told us that he appears “upbeat” at this point.

You helped save my son’s life. Now we have more hope for his future than we have in two years. If anyone I know ever finds themselves in need of intervention for the sake a loved one, I will give them your website address and company phone number.

Gratefully Yours,

John K.


April 22, 2011

Dear Jenny,

Another update for you: My wife and I participated in the Family Weekend in Palm Springs, and we felt it was well worth the time and expense. Our son is now living with a “surrogate family” about an hour’s drive from our home (decent, stable people whom he’s known for several years and who treat him like a son), and he’s working part-time. He has been attending his meetings, has a sponsor, and appears committed to working the program and maintaining his sobriety. In his words, “I don’t want to be in the place I was before, so I don’t want to use.”

For our part, we have been attending three meetings a week, both Al-anon and Nar-anon, and have found much comfort and support in learning to “release with love.” Though we still have moments of fear and worry, we are learning to let go and not try to control his addiction. For me personally, it has been a harrowing yet enlightening journey, and it has forced me to trust in a Higher Power in a way that I never have before becoming fully aware of our disease. We are also continuing to get professional counseling as we can afford it (our goal is at least once a month).

Thank you again for your kind help.

All the best,


September 9, 2010

Dear Kevin,

We have wanted to drop you a note and express our sincere appreciation for Jenny’s an yours help with Ashley. We are grateful our oldest Daughter, Paige, took on such an active role with us in helping develop a plan for Ashley to begin treatment. She realized we were in over our head and with Ashley still dictating the plan we were headed the wrong direction. I didn’t fully realize what you would bring to the table but by the time we had Ashley off to treatment I realized what a blessing you had been. With your guidance we believe Ashley is in the right treatment facility where she will be given the tools to begin recovery.


Steve and Nancy


April 18, 2010

Kevin was amazing. I had never heard of the intervention process until my daughter introduced me to it just a number of days before the intervention.
I was more than a bit sceptical – but was desperate to try something. After talking to Kevin on the phone my daughter and I agreed that he was the right person to deal with my life. I was still a bit uncertain as we began the process (and more than a little nervous) – and was amazed at how well it went – and it was all due to Kevin. I was worried that my wife would refuse to leave with him – and while she tried at the outset he prevailed in the end. As I told him when it was over – it was the best investment I had ever made. He earned his pay – and did a fantastic job.

Gary A.
State College, PA


July 3, 2009

As Parents of a troubled teen this is the hardest thing that we have ever had to do in our family. Kevin understood exactly where we were and made the entire process more comforting than we could have ever anticipated. Because of Kevin and Jenny, our son is getting the help that he needed so much. We are forever grateful to Kevin and Jenny. Thank you!
Clint M.

Kevin was awesome. I was preparing for the worst, but the way Kevin treated our son made the whole process go very smoothly. I will forever be grateful to Kevin.
Wife Lisa M.


July 5, 2009

Jenny and Kevin made everyone very comfortable in this uncomfortable situation. Kevin was so compassionate with everyone and especially with our daughter. I had the opportunity to ask her on the way to the airport if it helped that Kevin actually did understand what she is going through and she said yes. We are so happy that he was able to work his magic and get her to say yes. I really wasn’t expecting that outcome, hoping but not expecting. It was good that our daughter did come to the house, but it meant a lot that Kevin was willing to go traipsing through the woods if we had too. We all felt that you did a wonderful job and it was like Kevin knew us when he walked in the door. We would all recommend your company to anyone that has a loved one that need help. Keep up the good work. Thanks for everything.



May 22, 2009

Kevin was very professional and handled the situation well. It was a very emotional and tiring experience, but one that we are extremely glad we went through. T.J. still has a long way to go in his treatment, but he is doing well. Thank you for all your help!

Carl W.


May 5, 2009

Kevin was so professional. The intervention went like clockwork. The goal was to get our son into treatment and that goal was accomplished. We are extremely grateful to Kevin. We couldn’t have done this without him.

Greg and Maria


April 5, 2009

I don’t think we could have successfully completed the intervention without Kevin Dixon. He was so thorough and prepared that it took a great deal of stress out of an extremely stressful situation. I also honestly believed Kevin really cared about Michael and he does his job from his heart.

Peggy O.


January 31, 2009

Thanks so much for Kevin and Jenny. You are people that truly care about people. As you know I had a very poor experience with a previous interventionist. My experiences with your compnay, and my family agrees, were very high. Kevin on the first night handled 9 family members extremely well. I could not have gotten Michael into a program without you support. Your education and life experience made me comfortable to trust your decisions. Kevin, during this traumatic experience was kind, has great listening skills, and tough when he needed to be for Michael’s sake. Thanks


New Jersey


September 5, 2008

Dear Kevin,

I just want to write to you to let you know that I can never thank you enough for all your help with Justin. I truly feel that I would have never been able to get Justin to go for treatment by myself. You were absolutely great at what you do and I would recommend you to anyone who was in trouble and needed help. I got a letter from Justin on Friday the 5th and he is doing well, he wants us to pray for him so that this time he can win this battle and he says he wants to be himself again. He says it hurts him to know the pain he caused all of us and he is sorry, he misses us and loves us. This letter was great news to me because it means that he is in a good place and he wants to get better and I thank you for helping us get him there.

Sandi R.



July 25, 2008

Kevin Dixon and Staff,

As the parents of a 19 year old son we cannot thank you enough for what you did for us. We could not have gotten him the help he needed without you and your services. Out of all the firms I called, yours stood out among the rest. Your passion, dedication, and your understanding made the difference. You hung in there with us. You didn’t just put a check in the square and say that’s it. Sorry! You worked with us and made great things happen for our son. The “War on Drugs” seems such an empty title except for your grassroots efforts. I for one will make sure more parents and loved ones know about you, your services, and your talent.

Gratefully yours,

Sandra M. Florida


April 26, 2007

Dear Kevin.
For the rest of my life, I will remember the night I pulled up your website on my computer, dialed the number, and you picked up the phone. That was probably one of the most important days of my life. You were there to show me the answer we were looking for and to truly understand in a new and profound way, just how desperately we needed to do what we did. I just can’t thank you enough for how available you always were to talk to me – you gave me so much of your time, and of yourself as you shared the pain of you’re your story with me. I’ve thought about how many people just like me you must talk to everyday and how there’s just a lot of pain and sadness that you engage in with people constantly. You are an amazing and special person and your heart and passion spoke so clearly to me in helping me to truly understand what needed to happen. You are a gift to have to us who feel hopeless and paralyzed by this disease – you’re kind of like moses parting the red sea! Where there seems to be no hope or help – you showed me how there is in fact a way – it’s not easy, or pretty – the whole thing was just about the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life – but it was our answer! And it was so worth it. I hate to even think what would happen in all of our lives if we hadn’t gotten help from you.

Bless you Kevin!



January 21, 2007


I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you from the bottom of a father’s heart. You went way above and beyond the call of duty. From the first moment we spoke, I felt that I was putting my son’s future in the right hands. Your experience, passion for what you are doing, and insistence on doing whatever was necessary to accomplish our goals of getting Thornton into treatment, instilled in me the confidence to proceed ahead with the intervention. Again, God was in control all along.

During the day prior to the intervention and the days following, your availability and continued passion for my son’s welfare allowed me to get through a week that can only be described as being hellish. I have agonized over my son’s drug us and addiction for two years now and have felt powerless to deal with it. The dedication you showed through this process allowed me to stay focused and make good decisions just the right words to keep us all focused on the severity of the problem and the enormity of the task at hand – saving my son from his addiction.

As a result of the intervention, as you know, we discovered that Thornton’s problem was much worse and involved than we all had imagined. Discovering that my son had been using heroin came as a complete shock and to later discover that he had been purifying meth for resale as well as seeking methadone, only served to reaffirem that this intervention occurred not a moment too soon.

When I first called you, I was just seeking information, and wouldn’t have given it a level of priority had it not been for you insistence that something needed to be done right away. Like many parents, I had to a certain extent, had my head in the sand and refused to believe the sweet, loving, caring son whom I had nurtured since birth was deep into his drug addiction at the age of 16. It scares me to think what would have happened to my son if you had not convinced me of the need for immediate action and had the ability to put together the intervention in less than a week.

Again Kevin, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your involvement. In addition, thank all the staff behind the scenes there that make it possible.

The war of my son’s drug addiction is not over yet, the battles are still being fought as we speak, but for now we can chalk one up for the good guys. My son is in a safe environment where he cannot use drugs, have contact with his drug using and enabling associates (I refuse to call them “friends”), and he will have the opportunity to get treatment to understand why he has been using drugs and to equip him with the tools he needs to stay sober upon his return home.

I hugged my son goodbye on Thursday night and left a drugs addicted child there in that room at the hospital. I hope and pray that upon his return that in his place will be a sober young man ready to take on the challenges in his life.

Thank you again.




October 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Dixon,

I had to write to you and express how grateful I am for the time, energy, wisdom, resources and support you have given my family. I was so impressed with how you made yourself available to us at a moments notice and answered any question or concern what we had. Your professionalism and warmth gave us the confidence that we needed to get everyone on board and do what needed to get done. Financially, this was not an easy thing for us to do and it was worth every penny.

I feel that the whole experience was more a series of miracles. I knew my sister needed help and I knew we needed help, but what we got was more than I could even have hoped for. The intervention was the first time my mother, step-father, brother and myself have worked together as a family unit. All of us had never even decorated a Christmas tree with every person in the room. Truly, the intervention was as much for us as it was for Adria.

Looking back on that day, when she walked out, it was devastating. We were crushed, as you can only be when you have given every last bit of yourself and failed. I wasn’t sure how everyone would be able to survive the bottom-line we had laid out, but I also knew we had done the right thing for her and for us.

When Adria returned and said she needed to trust all of us more than herself and get help, it was on of the most joyful moments of my life. In her moment of clarity I saw my sister again as if a mask had been taken off. We have Adria back. I know there is a lot of difficult work ahead, but I see a potential for us as a family that I never even considered before. Because of how vulnerable we had to be in the intervention we see each other differently now. Particularly with Jaime, my step-father, I see the promise of a real relationship rather than living as polite strangers. I’ve known him all my life, but the intervention was the first intimate moment we’ve shared.

I will highly recommend all of you to anyone who needs help in breaking through to a loved one. I look forward to updating you on our progress. God Bless you in your life and the vitally important work that you do.

With deep appreciation,
Erica O.


August 4, 2005


Dear Kevin,

Words cannot express how grateful both Dan’s dad and I are for what you have done for our son. There is no doubt in our minds that if we did not act when we did, Dan’s situation would have only escalated and would have made it much more difficult to reach him. We both know that the road ahead will be difficult as to not fall back to the way things use to be. Change is hard but at the same time exciting. We are learning to take one day at a time.

Kevin, you are truly a gift sent to us by God. Thank you for guiding our son down the right path to the “first day of the rest of his life”.

Debbie & Bill


May 22, 2005


Dear Kevin,

I would like to thank you for all what you have done for my son Kevin and I, including our family and friends. I was lost in the jungle of my son’s alcohol and drug addiction, I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. So I asked God to help me to help my son and he lead me to you guys through relatives and friends prayers. After I spoke with Kevin Dixon, he reassured me that I was doing the right thing and was in good hands to do this intervention with KD Consulting Corporation. Kevin made me feel confident that this was the way to handle my son’s situation, I trusted him.

I appreciated your thoughtfulness and caring even after the job was done. Your follow up call whether if we crossed the Mexico border and your thank you letter I received made me feel grateful that theirs men like you that are doing Gods work by helping and saving lives.

Thank you. Peace and God’s blessing be with you.


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