Family Interventions


When your loved one is on the road to self-destruction through alcohol or drugs, sometimes the only way you can help is to stage a family intervention.  This is not an easy or simple decision to reach and the process can be painful.  However the results can save your loved one’s life and family relationships.

The Objective of Intervention

The goal is to introduce the idea of change into the person’s life from the point of several family members.  It is designed to be respectful and to allow family to share their feelings in a non-confrontational way.  The hopeful result is that the person will want to stop the destructive behavior and get help.

During this time, the feelings of the family are discussed either before when preparing for the intervention or during the meeting.  This helps them deal with the anger and frustration they have been feeling with the situation.  As a result, they are also changed and not just the one the intervention is for.

Strength in Numbers

A family intervention can strengthen each family member as they deal with their own issues that are the result of the person’s addiction.  Meeting as a group gives them the support they need and helps them resolve feelings.  When you sit down together with your loved one, you will show a cohesiveness that can get their attention better than a one-on-one meeting.

Getting a Professional Involved

While you can stage your own intervention, working with a professional who specializes in this area can be helpful.  They can help you resolve your own issues and prepare you for the actual intervention.  With their help, you can create a plan for what you will say and how you will say it.  It also gives you the confidence that you are doing the right thing.

Everyone Gets Involved

In a family intervention, the focus is not solely on the loved one.  In fact, much talk is centered on changing other people’s behaviors that have contributed to the situation.  In this case, everyone experiences change after the intervention.  Each family member must see where they are responsible for helping the loved one continue in their destructive behavior and how they must change in order for them to change.

This is not an easy situation to deal with but having a professional can be advantageous to making the intervention successful.  The organized approach allows the family to feel confident in their decisions even though it may seem hurtful to the loved one.

You’re not Alone

The professionals at KD Consulting understand the wide range of feelings that are involved in situations like these and we approach the situation in a calm and positive manner.  Our goal is to help you help your loved one and to show you how to achieve that result.

If you need the help of a professional to stage a family intervention, contact us to walk through the process with you.  There is no obligation for an initial consultation and all information remains confidential.

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