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Questions From Families:faq on interventions and recovery

Q: What is KD Consulting?

A: We’re a division of Lifeline Intervention, a provider of intervention services and treatment placement options with more than 15 years experience, and several hundred successful interventions performed. For more information about Lifeline Intervention visit

KD Consulting is an independent resource for people struggling with addiction, the families and loved ones of addicts, and the treatment centers that strive each day to help them.

Q: What does “Helping Bring Change, One Family At A Time” really mean?

A: It’s not just a slogan; it represents our commitment to supporting the entire family in dealing with the disease of addiction. Getting a family member struggling with addiction into treatment is important, but we focus on more than that. Our experience shows us it’s far more effective to involve the whole family, along with the treatment provider, and the patient.

We believe if we can help one family member change, the family dynamics will begin to change, as well. Those changes can’t help but have an impact on the addict, and that’s when deep and lasting healing can begin.

Q: How successful is intervention in bringing an addict out of denial?

A: When conducted properly, by an individual with the appropriate training and experience, interventions are very successful. Most people assume the interventionist’s role is to get the addict to submit to treatment. While this usually happens, it’s not the ultimate goal. The job of the interventionist is to change the dynamics within the family so that when the family changes, the addict will also change as a result.

Q: Why do I need to get help when he/she has the problem with the addiction?

A: It doesn’t seem fair, but sometimes a healthy family member has to reach out, when the sick one can’t. The disease of addiction is always a family disease (the symptoms affect everyone who has contact with the addict). Loving or living with an addict can paralyze the family emotionally and mentally, just as it does to the person with the physical addiction.

Q: What can I do to help my loved one who is still in denial about addiction?

A: Believe it or not, you’ve already taken the first step: recognizing that the problem won’t go away without help. That’s an important realization. Now it’s time to call us. Addicts have enormous resources to keep change from happening, and family members are often too close to see how the addict is manipulating things. That’s why a board certified interventionist is needed: to help everyone see the whole picture, and encourage each family member to change accordingly.

For help right away, call KD Consulting at (866) 631-0026. Someone is waiting to help you to make a change.


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