How to Have a Successful Drug Intervention


how-to-have-successful-drug-interventionHow to Have a Successful Drug Intervention

When you decide it is time for an intervention for someone struggling with drug abuse, it is not an easy decision. Many thoughts of the individual refusing treatment enters your mind because of the repeating behaviors the addict has shown in refusing to seek help. This is a step by step process on how to have a successful drug intervention in making sure the best possibility for your loved one to seek treatment today.

Step One: Hiring a Professional Interventionist

Now that you have decided on having an intervention, it is time to find a professional interventionist that can help you through the guidance and expertise in facilitating an intervention. When choosing an interventionist, it is best to make sure the addiction specialist is trained in your specific case. No two drug abusers are the same. Some patients struggle with different drug abuse and may have co-occurring disorders such as depression, bi-polar, anger, and any other addictions.  The benefit of having a professional interventionist can make sure the intervention is successful through their training and knowledge they are equipped to handling any situations. When researching for an interventionist, it is best to make sure the interventionist is a certified intervention professional or board registered interventionist. These credentials will allow you to find a professional addiction interventionist for helping you and your loved one.

Step Two: Deciding who will be involved with Intervention

When deciding on the participants that will be involved with the intervention, it is best to choose those that love and care of about the person abusing drugs and want to see he/she do more with their lives. If a family member or friend is saying, “this is not going to work” and “they are going to refuse treatment”. It is best not to invite them because it can be a distraction for the best possible chance of success. It is best to have those that believe in the process and know it is time to help the drug abuser before it is too late.

Step Three: Deciding on a Treatment Program

When you are searching for a treatment provider, it is best to consult with the interventionist on their expertise on certain programs and having them help you decide which program will meet your loved one’s needs. With so many different treatment programs and all having similar qualities, it can be a hard decision to knowing which one will be the best. The interventionist will be able to provide different treatment options if you have not already decided on a program. They have the knowledge and experience with programs that can handle an intervention patient versus programs that are not able to.

Step Four: Planning the Intervention

Determining the location where the rehearsal and intervention will take place. If the patient is living with you, it is best not to have the rehearsal meeting in your home, but at another location away from the addict. Planning the intervention with the guidance of the professional interventionist can provide the best options for success. The family, friends, and co-workers will meet prior to the intervention in a pre-rehearsal meeting before beginning with the intervention.

Now that the intervention was successful, the interventionist will escort the patient into the facility that was decided. Through the addiction treatment program, the work will begin for the patient to understand their addiction, what causes them to use, and how to prevent future drug abuse. Many treatment programs provide family support programs for you to receive help along with the drug abuser.


If you know someone struggling with drug addictions, and they are in desperate need of help, contact one of our addiction specialists at 866-631-0026. Discover the necessary steps in making sure the best success in helping your loved one today.

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