Jenny Sanders Interventionist


DSC_0640Jenny Sanders Addiction Intervention Specialist

Credentials:  CIP, BRI-II, CNDAI, CAT

Jenny Sanders has excelled in the field of addiction. Working in the corporate arena, Jenny has helped develop policies and procedures for a major intervention company. In addition to facilitating day to day operations, human resources, along with financial services department makes her a well versed Chief Financial Officer.

Jenny Sanders comes to KD Consulting Corporation with a background in addictive disorders. She has been certified through the Association of Intervention Specialists Credentialing Board and the National Association of Drug & Alcohol Interventionists. Her continuing studies in the field of addiction and her personal commitment to helping families as well as her corporate background helping managing all aspects of the company makes her an essential part of the Corporation.

Her personal experience with the disease of addiction in a family members life has made Jenny acutely aware of how paralyzing it can be for families and how wonderful a recovery process can be for a family. This is why Jenny got into the field of addiction to help give the gift of recovery to family and their loved ones.

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