Kevin Dixon Professional Interventionist


Addiction Intervention Specialist

Credentials: CIP, BRI-II, CNDAI, CMAC

Kevin Dixon has more than 18 years of hands-on experience in every facet of substance abuse treatment. Those who have interacted with Kevin in his various professional roles as interventionist, life coach, consultant, treatment provider, or as the Executive Director of a nationally known intervention company, have been inspired by his empathy and impressed with his expertise.

kevin dixon addiction intervention specialistKevin has excelled both personally and professionally, with a degree in chemical dependency and board certification by the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionists (NADAI). He is a Board Registered Interventionist (BRI II), and a Certified Master Addiction Counselor (CMAC II). Kevin has been a featured guest on many national television programs, where he’s helped demystify the subjects of intervention and recovery, appearing on CBS’s The Early Show, Dr. Keith Ablow, Nancy Grace, Larry King Live, and onMTV and MSNBC. He has also been heard on Recovery Radio. Mr. Dixon is a nationally acclaimed speaker who has raised awareness and education about substance abuse and early prevention. He has joined The Mario Do Right Foundation as chairman of its’ National Advisory Board, where he will help guide and support the foundations’s national expansion efforts in Substance Abuse Prevention Education Program. Kevin is whole-heartedly committed to the mission of The Mario Do Right Foundation in terms of helping youth and saving America’s families.

Many of his colleagues and patients have commented on his commitment to helping others achieve what he’s done in his own life: breaking the bonds of addiction and creating a completely new drug- and alcohol-free life. His success in this struggle compels him to give of his time and talents in so many ways—always with the goal in mind of “Helping bring change, one family at a time.”

Kevin thought long and hard about a phrase that would help define his approach to helping others, and the precise wording was crucial: it’s not helping bring change “one person at a time” or “one addict at a time.” No, Kevin intuitively understood that addiction is always a family disease, and recovery must touch every member of the addict’s family.

When Kevin works with families, each individual receives all the time and attention necessary to understand how the disease of addiction has created an environment filled with hurts, frustrations, lies, and abuse, resulting from an addicted parent, child, or sibling. Once these wounds have been revealed, Kevin’s compassionate support helps create an opportunity for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. With his guidance, families can begin to release the damage done in the past and embrace a new path to follow, individually and as a family.

The testimonials on this website are just a few of the hundreds of thankful comments Kevin has received from the families he’s felt blessed to work with. Along with his team, his efforts have touched the lives of literally thousands of people—the result of his involvement in opening several treatment centers that have gone on to national recognition. As an interventionist, Kevin has performed as many as 150 interventions in a single year—still giving each family the support they needed to succeed in recovery.

With so many needing help and relatively few available to show the way, why does Kevin continue to care so much about helping others? For him, it’s personal: he understands that passing on to others what he’s learned is critical to maintaining his own recovery.

To contact Kevin Dixon, call (866) 631-0026 or email

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