Las Vegas Interventions and Treatment Options

las-vegas-interventionsLas Vegas Nevada Interventions and Treatment

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the largest entertainment cities known in the world. With 24/7 access to alcoholic beverages and casino games makes it a high attraction for those wanting to drink and gamble. In Las Vegas, interventions can be the stepping stone for helping your loved one from gambling their entire savings or drinking themselves to death. It is important not to wait too long to help someone you suspect may have an addiction to gambling or substance, you can start helping them through a professional intervention.

Las Vegas Gambling Statistics

The Nevada Council estimates 6% of Nevada adults may be problem or pathological gamblers and another 10% of Nevada’s youth are high risk of becoming problem gamblers. Gambling can be a problem no matter your age. It can be the young adults gambling with their first credit cards or the baby boomers gambling their entire retirements. With the enormous amount of gambling options that the casino provides, it is easy to start gambling, but with each win it can create a natural high and continuous urge to experience that high again.

Las Vegas Suicidal Statistics

Las Vegas has one of the highest suicide rates for residents in the U.S. The UNLV showed reports that residents living in Clark County were 54 percent to 62 percent more likely to commit suicide than the other areas in the United States. Many of the suicides reported came from Las Vegas area, leaving the state of Nevada concerned that the city of Las Vegas could be causing those to commit suicide since suicidal rates were lower outside of this area.

If you suspect someone may be struggling with mental health or suicidal tendency, it may be best to seek professional immediately.

Substance Abuse in Las Vegas

In the city of Las Vegas, the law allows you to consume alcohol openly on the streets as your walking from one casino to another. But it does not stop many from distributing alcohol illegally and selling illegal substances on the street. With many tourist visiting and the party atmosphere can draw many drug distributers to the streets to make easier for those seeking drugs. Substance abuse in Las Vegas has been a long problem for many years, with prescription drugs being number one following with marijuana.  The fact of the matter is that these are highly addictive substances and can go from habitual to physical dependency.

Las Vegas Gambling and Substance Abuse Treatment

Las Vegas gambling and addiction treatment can be a key necessity in breaking the cycle of addiction. Treatment can help enable an individual to stop gambling, strengthening self-esteem, and provide tools to help through self-gratifications. Through treatment, therapy, and accountability can help those struggling with addiction overcome their challenges.

Those struggling with gambling addiction can continue with treatment and seek financial counseling to help them with resolving their financial dilemma. With continued care of an aftercare treatment plan and support groups they can start a path toward recovery.


If you are need of helping someone addicted to gambling or substance in Las Vegas to contact an addiction expert at 866-631-0026. KD Consulting can provide step by step options for helping you or your loved one seek immediate help.

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