Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana and Cannabis Addiction, Weed

Addiction is a word that is becoming all too common. Addiction is a word that is used to describe a continued behavior of an act that may have an unfavorable outcome. Almost anything can become addictive food, gambling and even exercising just to name a few things. But we as a society most associate the word addiction with drugs and drug abuse.

 One of the first illegal drugs that people try is marijuana. Often time’s people feel that marijuana is not addictive. This is just simply not true. The addictive characteristics that are in marijuana are the same that are in other addictive substances. When an individual starts to become addicted to something their thought process changes to thoughts about what they are becoming addicted to. The individual may not even notice these thoughts but they are there, always even if they are not aware of them.

 The thoughts that an addict will have consist of things like when they get to do it again, where will they get it and will they have enough. It does not take long for this thought process to become the main thought throughout the day. Marijuana addiction makes people have these same thoughts.

 There are many dangers of using marijuana. Some of the dangers associated with using consist of having an impaired memory and having a difficulty to learn new things. Problem solving skills start to get worse and perception starts to become distorted. Some of the long term dangers with using marijuana is that it has a negative effect on the immune system, this will make the user more at risk to illnesses. Smoking marijuana will lead to the same respiratory trouble that cigarette smokers can have, also the risk of having a heart attack increases. Another long term problem that marijuana users can encounter is a high level of anxiety. And of course there is the possibility of jail time, which can be booth a long term or short term. These are only a few of the problems that can occur from using marijuana. There are so many that it would be hard to list them all.

 Do these troubles and problems sound good? There are people who actually think they will win the jackpot in the lottery before something bad will happen to them for using marijuana. Seriously if someone is using marijuana they need to seek treatment to help them stop using. There is no shame in looking for help to stop using and there are many people and organizations that are willing to help people fight their addiction. With the health issues that are involved and the effects that it can have on friends and family paired with the loss of employment opportunities and possible jail time finding help seems to be the only thing that makes sense when it comes to using marijuana.

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