Patient Intervention Testimonials


Patient Intervention Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

June 19, 2017

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for helping me and my family last summer.

I celebrated 1 year sober last Monday.

One day at a time



March 10, 2017

I just wanted to say that I appreciate the time and effort you spent in ensuring that the intervention you conducted on me, with my partner, brother, and my kids was done in an organized and professional manner. Moreover, you brought compassion, empathy and urgency to the intervention, which we all appreciate. Plus, you were an excellent travelling companion on our flight to Tampa…I didn’t want you to leave me as I got in the van to the facility! The program was a life-changing experience for me, however and I’m so glad I went there.  Though no hi-tech or 5-star “recovery spa,” it was perfect for me and I totally fit in, despite the discrepancy between my age and all of the clients there! Probably most important of all, I have not had a drink since I walked through its doors on February 2, 2016. I actually extended my stay there (and insurance paid) Again, thank you for coming to my home and spending much of the day with us (last year) :).


Catherine C



August 29, 2016

As a former client of Kevin’s, my experiences have been a growing, eye opening one to say the least. I continue to grow daily and I cant thank Kevin enough for what he has done for me. Kevin was the first one who told me about this new way of life away from drugs and alcohol. He made me realize that in order to love other people I had to start loving myself. I am so glad to have met Kevin during my intervention because today I can call Kevin my friend. I love you man. Saving one addict, one family at a time. Thanks for all your help in my journey of recovery.

Recovering Addict

Jor\’El S.


May 18, 2016


Hi Kevin,

I hope all is well.   It is been almost a year since you came up to Tallahassee and helped us with Tara.  I just wanted to give you a shout out and send some love your way.  Tara completed the program which lasted about 40 days.  She graduate recently from Recovery Associates program and transitional living.  She has been drug  and alcohol free.  It has not been easy on any of us, but she is alive.  She is working in a restaurant now learning some basic cooking skills.  She is living with a young man who graduated the program also.  Both of them are holding jobs and free of substances.  She gained some good weight back and smiles a lot more.  There are still many challenges ahead.  She suffers from the drugs influence on her brain.  Next week she starts cranial-sacral therapy.  She has come up to Tallahassee briefly but realized there were some triggers up here that she did not need to be around.   She wants to travel and see the world.  She hugs me and tell me she loves me and we have a relationship now which is very nice.  It is all I had wanted for so long, just a loving relationship.  I am proud of her and not ashamed at all.  I am grateful for the chance she has to thrive and contribute to our world in a meaningful way.  If you had not intervened with the help of your wife and all the tools you use, I do not think she would be alive today and I would not have such a happy smile on my face and a joyful heart that I have.


Thank You So Much,


Kurt V


August 3, 2010

Dear Kevin,

Today I am 92 days sober and while I have done a great deal of work and take responsibility for my current and continued sobriety, I have to let you know how incredibly grateful I am for your intervention. Because of you I am alive today. I a not only alive in body, but I am also alive in spirit. It is rare that one gets the opportunity to thank another human being for saving my life, but you have given me that chance. Without you and my family I am not sure where I would be. I had already been in the jails and the institutions, so my only other option, as it is said in the Big Book, was death. So once again, thank you for giving me back the things I love and for saving me from my former worst enemy, myself. God Bless you. I will continue to fight for my life, one beautiful, God-given, Kevin assisted, day at a time.




May 29, 2010

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for helping me figure out what I needed to do. Without your help, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now. You taught me that family is the most important thing I could have. You opened up my eyes and showed me that sobriety is the key to success, besides education. You understand what I was going through, because you went through the some of the same things. You are great person Kevin Dixon. I will always remember what you did for my family and I. Thank you very much for being apart of my life and for your help.

Your Friend,
Jesse M.


January 1, 2010

My experience with Kevin Dixon, and the intervention, was ultimately a
positive one. I am currently four and a half months clean and sober. I look forward to, and I am excited about a life style free of substance abuse. I know in my heart that I can now move forward and obtained a fulfilling and satisfying future. With the help of both my higher power and support of my new found friends and family I am a happier and positive person.

Thank you,



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