Sober Chaperone and Escort Services


sober-help-escort-chaperoneSober Chaperone and Escort Services

At KD Consulting, we know it sometimes takes a little extra care to get through treatment without faltering, especially for addicts and alcoholics who have relapsed following treatment in the past. We’ve developed our sober Chaperone and Escorts Services exclusively for people who need that extra measure of care, pairing each one with a patient guide who has the knowledge and experience to ensure nothing will go wrong during the early stages of recovery.

The dictionary defines “chaperone” as:

“one who accompanies and supervises someone younger or less experienced”

While you may or may not be chronologically younger than our professional chaperones and escorts, it’s certainly true that you’re likely to be far less experienced on the road to recovery. To qualify for this program, our chaperones:

• have a minimum of five consecutive years clean and sober,

• have completed a treatment program themselves, and

• have taken additional training to understand the role of a chaperone.


Your sober chaperone will be your constant companion, getting you from wherever you live to the treatment center. If, for some reason, it becomes necessary to transfer you to another treatment program, your chaperone will escort you from one location to the next. And, when you’ve completed the program, your chaperone will transport you from the treatment center, back to your own home. Think of it like an insurance policy on your investment of time and energy in recovery: a chaperone from KD Consulting will make sure that investment pays off.

To make arrangements for our chaperone service, please call (866) 631-0026. We’ll explain how it works and the costs involved. Then, we’ll schedule a chaperone to meet you at the appointed time and place, ready to escort you safely to the treatment center of your choice.

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