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Sober Companion ServicesSober Companion Service

Recovery is a process, not an event. There’s no such thing as a “shut off” valve that gets turned and—wham!—the addiction is gone. The foundation for recovery is established during treatment, but you (or your family member) will be building a clean-and-sober future, day by day, over a lifetime.

During treatment, you’re surrounded by people who support your commitment to recovery. Counselors, therapists, group leaders, family members, and many other people want to see you succeed, and they’ll do whatever they can to help.

But what happens during those first scary, slippery days after treatment? When you step back into the outside world, will you be ready to make the right choices?

There can be tremendous temptation to make dangerous choices—even just to see if you can handle it. In that one tragic, self-destructive moment, many people throw away everything they learned in treatment. Don’t let yourself (or someone you love) be one of those people!

So how can you resist the people, places, and things so connected to addiction in your mind, once you’re back on your own? With KD Consulting’s Sober Companion program, you won’t have to be “on your own”—your personal coach will be right next to you, every step of the way.

What exactly will your Sober Companion do for you (or your family member)? You won’t be handcuffed together, if that’s what you’re thinking. Your coach will be looking out for you, helping to put time and distance between you and temptation. While not a licensed therapist, your coach is someone who’s been where you are, and can talk you through the toughest parts of early recovery.

You’ll meet at the treatment center, then drive home together. Immediately, you and your coach will begin developing your personal after-care program: a contract between the two of you—based on your goals and objectives. The purpose of this after-care program is to help you begin learning how to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs as a clean and sober person.

As part of this contract, you’ll attend a regular schedule of 12-Step meetings, counseling sessions, or medical appointments, planned around your work or school hours. You’ll also be spending plenty of time with your family. Chances are, they’re going to be very happy to see you now!

Could you (or someone you love) use the added support of a Sober Companion—someone trained to help you get through the toughest times, and help you build a solid foundation for the rest of your life? Then call KD Consulting at (866) 631-0026.


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